the road to salvation

It all started when I started to check out some new artists and I stumbled upon the beautiful eyes of Josef Salvat. Shallow as I am, I was captivated by his James Dean-esque image and decided to give him a listen. The music of "Open Season" started and it took me away into my fantasy. I hadn't felt this way about music in a long time. From that moment I was hooked. Not long after I got my hands on the "In Your Prime" EP and I couldn't imagine my life without the wonderful voice and emotionally charged lyrics of Josef. In November 2014, Josef was added to the London Calling line up at the last minute and I immediately bought my tickets. I was lucky enough to meet up with Josef after the show (basically because I was bold enough to ask his band if I could meet him) and he turned out to be, not only one of the nicest people I've met, but also one of the most down to earth, humble musicians. That was the moment I decided to make him a fansite. Not a fansite that anyone can create, something different, something to be proud of. Because he deserves it.





"because he's just
fucking awesome"

Message from the Manager: Pauline is our Google Wonder! She finds out all these amazing facts about Josef and she's a wonderful person to talk to and work with. She has been a huge help and support from day one, especially when it comes to correcting the lyrics (everyone knows I got bad ears) and I'm really happy to have met her. I call her my partner in crime!